How To Cook Igbangwu Oka

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How To Cook Igbangwu Oka

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Goshhh!!!!! i'm so excited. I love to travel a whole lot. And as part of the adventure involved in travelling, i get to experience and taste the wonderful cuisines Nigeria has to offer. What i like about Nigerian food is it's fresh, tasty and very well balanced. I got ready early this morning for a tutorial on one of the foods i crave for whenever i'm in this part of the country.....Igbangwu Oka (maize pudding). My tutor "Nwanyi igbangwu" is well known for this iconic dish and as a pro in the preparation, she gladly accepted to give me a step by step guide on How to prepare igbangwu oka.
*10 cups Fresh maize kernels
*2 Fresh pepper (Blended)
*Ground Cray Fish (1 cooking spoon)
*Palm oil (1 cooking spoon)
*Scent leaves "Nchuawun/Ahimu"(A handful)
*Banana leaves(For wrapping)
*2 Seasoning cubes


-Chop the scent leaves and set aside

-Blend the maize kernels into a smooth paste (Just like moi moi paste)

-Into the blended maize paste, add the Blended fresh pepper, Crayfish, Palm Oil, Scent leaves, Seasoning Cubes and salt then mix.

-Scoop spoons of the mixture into the each Banana leaf wrap. To prevent the paste from seeping out, the banana leaf is usually fastened with a string or strip of banana leaf.

-Igbangwu is usually steam cooked and this is done by placing the wrappings into a pot lined with banana leaves. Little cups of water is added occasionally to steam cook the pudding and this takes about 45minutes

-Once it firms up, Serve Hot!